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Lawn Treatments

Here at Kerr Seasonal Services, where we specialise in comprehensive lawn treatments to keep your green spaces vibrant and healthy. Our services include: 

Scarification and Aeration: Experience the benefits of aeration and scarification as we rejuvenate your lawn by improving soil structure and promoting optimal grass growth. Our expert techniques ensure your lawn stays lush and resilient. 

Fertilizing: Nourish your lawn with our tailored fertilization programs. We provide the essential nutrients needed for healthy turf, fostering vibrant colour and robust growth throughout the seasons. 

Overseeding and Top Dressing: Enhance the density and vitality of your lawn with our overseeding and top dressing services. We carefully introduce new grass varieties, promoting a thick and resilient turf cover that withstands the rigors of weather and usage. 

Full Lawn Renovations: Transform your lawn with our full renovations. Whether you’re starting anew or revitalizing an existing space, Kerr Seasonal Services ensures a comprehensive approach to create a healthy, lush lawn that becomes the pride of your property. 

Trust Kerr Seasonal Services for professional lawn treatments that go beyond standard care. Our expert team is dedicated to cultivating green spaces that thrive and endure, ensuring your lawn remains a vibrant centrepiece for your outdoor environment. 

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